This is a test post for twitter implementaion

This is a test post for twitter implementaion

Usage Based upon our example above, let’s put this into action. We’ll add two custom fields, one called “Currently Reading” and the other “Today’s Mood”. The following instructions will demonstrate how to add this information to a post using Custom Fields. After you have written your post, scroll down to the area titled Custom Fields. Note: As […]

India Travel – Camel Trekking Safari

India travel is full of the most memorable of moments.  I found such beauty in Goa, titillating eroticism in Khajuraho and a step back in time on my camel trekking safari.  I’ve always secretly longed for my very own Arabian nights moment and this was it.  Looking back through my travel in India, I’ll never […]

Peru Travel

Peru Travel – The Floating Islands of the Uros

Puno, Peru is definitely not a must-see city. Just over the border from Bolivia, it has a run-down border town feel. No doubt, it would be another one of those overlooked, “not a hostel in sight cities”, if not for the pretty unique lifestyle of the local native tribe – the Uros. The Uros Way […]

ocean rowing

Things to Love about Rowing an Ocean

Alastair Humphreys, a 2012 National Geographic’s Adventurer, shares his ocean rowing journey across the Atlantic. Rowing 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean is a difficult thing to do. Sea sickness, sleep deprivation, lack of privacy, storms, a leak or two and the gnawing feeling of being far, far from land in a very small boat… […]

state fair food

Strange State Fair Foods at Illinois State Fair

Yes, we have been to the Illinois State Fair, and it’s a huge spectacle of agriculture, country culture and of course, some of the craziest state fair foods you’ve ever seen or tasted. My visit is justified by visiting my Grandma and Uncle Mike in Jacksonville, Illinois, but after witnessing the big fair, I suggest […]

Bolivia Travel

Bolivia Travel – The La Paz Witch Market

Weird, crazy, and unexpected things are bound to happen if you travel enough. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden you are sitting at an ancient Inka sacrifice table making offerings to Pachamama. What? That hasn’t happened to you? Well, head to the La Paz witch market and it might! La Paz […]

travel photo

Travel Photo – San Cristobal de las Casas in the Rain

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico is a 24 hour a day all you can eat buffet of photographic opportunity. Even the rain brings out some amazing opportunities. I am fascinated by reflections and puddles. On this evening life goes on as usual for a Mayan woman on her way to market in the […]

Australia Travel – Visiting the Sydney Opera House

Ok, I didn’t actually see a show at the Opera House.  My backpacker budget didn’t quite cover that.  What I did do was stand from afar and gaze over a building so iconic, it’s up there with the Eiffel Tower, Houses of Parliament and the Petronas Twin Towers.  When you travel Australia your mind conjures […]